Federal Eye: Will Bamboo Shortage Impact Berry’s OPM Job?

The National Zoo is in urgent need of bamboo, reports The Post’s Michael Ruane and “zoo officials said they may not have enough to last the winter.”

That’s not good news for the Zoo’s director, John Berry, who’s reportedly accepted Barack Obama’s offer to serve as director of the Office of Personnel Management.

As The Post reports:

“One problem is that the zoo now has three more or less adult-sized giant pandas — the main consumers of its bamboo. At 160 pounds, three-year-old Tai Shan is no longer a cub, and his parents, 275-pound Tian Tian, and 250-pound Mei Xiang are ravenous grownups. They scarf up bamboo 12 to 14 hours a day, consuming some 1,400 pounds of the stuff a week. Bamboo is also eaten to a lesser extent by the zoo’s raccoon-sized red pandas, and by the three elephants and six adult and adolescent gorillas, the zoo said.

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