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Govdelivery, GovDelivery, is a service that offers the public a way to sign up for news/announcements from various government entities. But, though it is free for the public, the government entitites must pay for the service so not all are available through them. Allan Eustis (NIST-USMS) recently found another website that aggregates government news, GovFresh, that may be worth checking out.

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It’s funny…just saw the Govfresh the other day and am talking with them tomorrow to hear more about their great work. Big fan of Govdelivery as well – I sign up for a few of their emails.

Scott Burns

I’m the CEO / co-founder of GovDelivery.

While we don’t work with all federal agencies, the majority of the major federal agencies use our platform so you can get a very current snapshot of government information by looking at what’s coming out through us.

Historically, we focused on email alerts (as you point out), but we’ve moved into all types of communication over the last 2 years.

You might find this prototype that streams all updates coming through GovDelivery at anytime interesting. It’s a good way to see all the critical topics flowing out of government at any one time. We are working on a local govt. version of this too. We’re trying to figure out if/how this dashboard view is useful and how it could be more useful to the public and to government employees.

I’d welcome feedback on any/all of our work.

The Information Sharing Widget capability that spun out of this prototype was put to great use by PandemicFlu.gov during the H1N1 outbreak.