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Measures of Success for Social Media?

I was involved in an interesting discussion today about how the government should measure the success of social media. Just how do you measure it? Certainly, there are tried and true statistics (page hits, numbers of fans, followers, minions, etc) but that doesn’t really measure success. Is it even viable impact data? I never visitRead… Read more »

NIST Baldrige National Quality Program Launches New Blog

We have created this blog for you because so many people share our passion for excellence and a desire to improve organizations. It’s THE place to discuss, debate, and exchange ideas and lessons learned on all things performance excellence and improvement related. It won’t be the same without your comments, so please join the conversation!Read… Read more »

The Debate Over Cookies

I have been following the government’s dicussion regarding the federal cookie policy. I even posted on the blog because I feel the policy is holding agencies back from offering dynamic web services. However, since the issue has come to the forefront, the media is taking notice. I came across a story today the reinforces justRead… Read more »

NIST Releases New Cybersecurity Recommendations

NIST Releases Final Version of New Cybersecurity Recommendations for Government The National Institute of Standards and Technology released its final version of a publication which represents a major step toward building a unified information security framework for the entire federal government. The document, NIST Special Publication 800-53, Recommended Security Controls for Federal Information Systems andRead… Read more »

Article: DoD May Ban Twitter…

Considering the lively discussion on social media after the OGI conference, and DoD’s heavy involvement in using and promoting social media tools, I have to say this article was a real eye-opener. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing becomes more and more apt for government when it comes toRead… Read more »

Template Twitter Strategy & Cloud Computing

Two of my colleagues posted some interesting links within Yammer for NIST staff. I thought the information might be helpful to others as well. Don Libes posted a link to Template Twitter Strategy for Government Departments from the UK. It is lacking any data on cost, but does have some good points. As an addendumRead… Read more »

Mixed Feelings About OGI Conference

Allan Eustis and I attended the Open Government and Innovations Conference (OGI) on Tuesday and Wednesday. Like so many, we were lured in by the chance to hear directly from the White House via CTO Aneesh Copra and CIO Vivek Kundra. Both were excellent speakers. They made good points and as a citizen I haveRead… Read more »