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As recently pointed out by Crucial Point‘s Adam Elkus in the blog Mobile Risk Management: Welcome to the Jungle, organizations today need be aware of the risks they open themselves up to when they deploy mobile solutions. Whether it be an iOS, Android, or Blackberry device, there are vulnerabilities in each of these platforms, and an exploit can be detrimental to your company’s personal data and intellectual property. However, these devices are necessary. Therefore, managing the devices alone is no longer a viable solution. You need total Mobile Risk Management (MRM).

I want to make you more aware of a company that has come up with a brilliant solution to managing mobile platforms. Fixmo, through a collaboration with the NSA, has come to the rescue with their Sentinel line of products. ”Fixmo Sentinel is a multi-platform mobile risk management solution that provides organizations with powerful device and infrastructure monitoring, reporting, and automation.” It provides your organization with Device Integrity, Policy Compliance, and Enterprise Auditablility.

At a recent meeting with some of the leadership of Fixmo, Crucial Point LLC members received a briefing and a demonstration of the capabilities of Sentinel. Fixmo demonstrated how a group of Blackberry phones could be simply added onto the company server as a mobile device and registered with the Sentinel software. The Blackberry could be checked in a known good state, and monitored remotely by the system administrator while the user went about his/her business. If any changes were made to the phone (i.e. setting changes, unauthorized applications downloaded, etc.) the system administrator would be notified remotely and could take appropriate action. These actions range from contacting the user to inquire about the change all the way up to making the cell phone turn into a brick. These actions can be predetermined or administrator commanded.

Fixmo Sentinel Server Compliance Check gives your organization the ability to perform real-time audits on the mobile devices deployed within your enterprise and correct things that are wrong, and it can be done remotely from one location. Their system is scalable, so you can increase your mobile deployments over time without additional software to manage it. The management of each company’s mobile platforms will differ and each with have a different mobile policy in place. Sentinel allows your organization to input the level of autonomy you want your users to have, and it can be different for each user. Whether you are a private enterprise or a government entity, Fixmo has simplified Mobile Risk Management for you. To read more about Fixmo Sentinel, click here.

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