Focusing your Cloud Strategy

Recently we discussed the idea of how central to your cloud computing strategy’s success is having focus. You can garner that focus by communicating with your IT team and your business stakeholders to determine if you have any, or what your cloud computing key value drivers are.

1. Do we need to dramatically reduce IT costs?

2. Can we achieve a cost savings with a dynamic infrastructure?

3. What kind of impact would cloud computing have on organizational design, business models, operating standards, processes, and technology?

4. What if any, are the cloud computing value drivers for your organization?

Don’t get stuck on these questions, they’re easy enough to answer in a focus group of key business and technology stakeholders. This can easily be handled by a member of your organization, or by hiring a consultant to facilitate, document, and assist with answering these questions. I’ll even start you off by listing the value drivers for some of our Clients.

• Reducing IT capital and operating costs.

• Transitioning from a capital investment to an operating expense IT model.

• Faster technology provisioning to solve a problem, achieve business efficiency, flexibility, and competitive edge.

• Making IT simple for your end-users.

What’s next? Well you’ll have to come back to find out… we’ll examine how IT Departments can analyze the impact cloud on the business, both from the core IT Operations and Business Model perspectives and how CEOs will look to CIOs for help in implementing these new business models using cloud.

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