For All Of Us That Are OK: How do you help?


Sandy was a massive storm. Based on a reading of social media sites and Twitter lists plus local news (an a feeling in my gut) I believe people in my immediate region (Northern VA, DC, MD) will generally say this went easier on us than expected, and is far lighter than the damage and outages by the summer 2012 DC Derecho.

But news just a few miles North in New Jersey and New York is shocking. Too shocking to really comprehend even after seeing the images.

The needs of the people impacted by Sandy will be hard to predict. But don’t let that numb you into inaction. One of the first things you can do is make an immediate donation to the Red Cross. You know they have a good reputation. They are already responding as they can and will soon need more.

In time there may be other ways to give. But it makes sense that our first personal actions, for those that can give, will be to give to this great organization. Here is a link to their donation page:

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