For The Technologist in Transition Or Seeking Employment


Are you a technologist considering a career shift? Here are some resources we hope you will find of use:

  • For networking with other technologists, join our LinkedIn group on Disruptive IT. The group focuses on enterprise technologists so you will be connecting with a wide swath of like minded professionals, which can help when it comes to networking. As you probably know, LinkedIn has totally disrupted the job search/recruiting market so it is important to have your professional page looking good there too. If it will be of use to your networking feel free to connect to me there.
  • For technology jobs in the Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland area, visit the CTOvision Jobs Site. You can filter jobs there by category and will find this a great source of open positions. Jobs there include our own postings plus technology related jobs from firms throughout the region. We also post the most recent/always updated list on our main site at, in the right hand sidebar.
  • No one I know ever got a job from Twitter. Periodically I have seen some of the great/forward thinking CEOs mention via Twitter that they are hiring and a few have even provided their phone numbers and e-mail addresses to get inbound resumes, so maybe Twitter is going to be of greater importance, but for now I would not think of Twitter as a useful tool for your job search. It can be good for situational awareness and provide helpful context, however. So the art form is to use Twitter without unrealistic expectations. As a technologist in transition, consider following: @CTOjobSite @TwitJobsList @CTOvision @CTOlabs and @CTOlist You can also find me on Twitter at @BobGourley.
  • We make it our purpose in life to track and write about hot technology firms. Really hot companies are almost always in need of world class technical talent, including pre-sales engineers and technology delivery staff and, depending where they are in their growth, program managers and business development professionals. So part of a job search can involve reviewing the firms we write about here and at CTOlabs to see which ones seem to be places where you can add the most value, then visit their websites and apply directly with them, or contact me (via LinkedIn) if you want a connection through me.
  • Also be sure you are signed up for the right CTOvision newsletters. That will help us keep you informed on the rapidly changing technology landscape.
  • You can also stay up on technology and tech jobs while on the go by downloading our CTOvision mobile application (for iPhone, iPad and Android).

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