Former Governor West’s Valentine to Future Oregonians

Oregon owes its public beaches to decision by Oswald West 100 years ago

By Lori Tobias, The Oregonian on February 13, 2013

MANZANITA – Have you thanked Oswald West lately?Assuming you’re like most Oregonians, you’ve strolled Oregon’s beaches a time or two. You’ve explored the tide pools, watched the surfers, combed the sand for an exotic treasure. Odds are you’ve picnicked, flown a kite, maybe even spent a night beneath the stars on that blanket of sand.So go ahead, as the monument to West on Neahkahnie Mountain says: “…thank Oswald West …”Wednesday marked 100 years since the former governor sent Oregonians one big fat Valentine with the gift of public beaches.

“This guy was a visionary,” says Richard Walkoski, communications and research division manager of Oregon State Parks and Recreation. “He went before the legislative body and made his points, basically talking about how we must preserve this wonderful thing that we’ve been blessed with here in Oregon. He preserved it by having it declared a highway.” Read More >>


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