Friday Fab Five: Communication is the Key to Any Productive Work Environment!

Hello GovLoopers!! It is Friday and so its time for the Friday Fab Five! This is also my first Fab Five as a member of the GovLoop Staff – so I hope you enjoy my selections.

On my mind today was looking for better ways to communicate. Nothing gets done in government or anywhere else, unless we know how to communicate with each other. This weeks picks are all about communication being the key!

First on the list is our Top Blog of the Week by our Canadian Government Guru, Nicholas Charney!

We Don’t Trust Each Other

I have pulled our Quote of the Week from this blog!

“Where we have a conversation, you agree to do something, and as soon as we leave I go back to my desk and send you an email that says what you’ve agreed to do and I cc our bosses on it…because…the implication is you aren’t going to do it…That’s not trust, that’s a slap in the face. We might as well have a meeting and I could just walk up and slap you in the face…”

This takes us to our Top Forum of the Week, submitted by a GovLoop Rising Star Thomas Tong.

How to Boost Morale, Communication, and Productivity in Government

And our Communication Best Practices, created by GovLoop Hall of Famer Dannielle Blumenthal

And last but certainly not least is our goes to Paul Binkley, one of our brand new Resume Reviewers! Paul is a fantastic guy, who knows the best way for you to communicate on paper!

Well that is my Friday Fab Five. Hope you enjoy these links as much as I do! Have a great weekend and see you next week.

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