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“The New and Improved” Pathways Program

Yesterday I attended an event sponsored by NASPAA (The National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration) focused on the “new and improved” Pathways Program designed to better infuse new blood into the federal government workforce. While there has been an increased interest in government service, due somewhat to the popularity of The WestRead… Read more »

The Top 10 Things People Said About Next Gen 2011: And Why You Should Go to Next Gen 2012.

“A new movement is shaking up the federal bureaucracy, as an expanding pool of idealistic, results-oriented Gen X and Yers challenges the predictability and authority-driven rules of the World War II generation and the pay-your-dues baby boomers who followed.” – Washington Post, 2010 (Referring to NextGen 2010) While there was consensus among all attendees thatRead… Read more »

Scottish Rite Mystery Revealed

This afternoon I attended a luncheon at the Scottish Rite Temple in DuPont Circle. This particular order of the Freemasons has a strong connection to The George Washington University, where I attend school and provides many fellowships for various graduate and undergraduate programs. I was fortunate enough to receive such a fellowship. This was partiallyRead… Read more »

How Do You Explain MPA?

Why an MPA? On my first day of orientation for the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration (TSPPPA) at The George Washington University, a fellow student asked our professor, “What is a sexy way to explain MPA?” After a moment or two of laughter, the professor (Dr. Lori Brainerd, Director of the PublicRead… Read more »