Friday Fab Five: What Not To Say, What Not To Do, and What Needs to Be Done

Hey Everyone! Happy Friday – most of you have the day off and I am very jealous. Today’s Fab Five is sort of a mixed bag.

Quote of the Day: Comes from a discussion thread about the Worst Email Subject Line You Have Ever Received, which I wrote – and thought this response was great!

GovLooper Raymond Clark wrote this:

A line from a former boss “Today is not going to be your day”

A line from a former girlfriend “I’ve been having second thoughts” Turned out to be about dinner.

A line from my college-age son “Remember that money you sent…”

A line from my younger son “Girlfriend pregnant” Turns out to be his friends girlfriend, whew!

Top Group: Google has rolled out some new items, which have been hot topics in the group, Google for Gov.

Top Forum: After a Conference What Are some Continuously and Actually Useful Resources for Regulators was posted by Stacy Carpenter

Top Blog: Paul Wolf laments bad employment decisions with his blog, How Did I Hire So Many People Who Have No Ideas

Top Member: John Westra has been very active on GovLoop this beginning several lively discussions.

Well that is it from me! Have a great weekend.

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