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I was just reading that the first U.S. recycling center opened its doors in 1896. This prompted my curiosity to kick in, and find out how long our planet might have been recycling. One website reports that recycling has been around since ancient Roman times (as with the origination of many things I suppose)! Recycling Romans found the idea of recycling beneficial for a few reasons:

1. They found it necessary to tear down statutes which commemorate ancient gods and heroes when conquering each new region – the Romans after all were now ruling!

2. What to do with these items? I’m sure they thought to themselves that they don’t want these huge, massive objects cluttering up the countryside, and that by having them in plain sight reminds citizens of previous rulers. Not to mention there are no storage facilities around, right?

3. Why not melt down these metals objects and recast them as A: either new statutes dedicated to historic Roman events and leaders, or B: weapons for the Roman legions (they were so busy conquering, after all!).

Recycling has certainly evolved over the years, and it is more important than ever that people not only recycle, but make an effort to buy recycled products….we ALL benefit. I’m writing this blog for that purpose, as well as to promote Sunday, November 15, 2009 – America Recycles Day.

“It all Starts with you” Nat’l Recycling Coalition.pdf

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