From NIFI: Some Resources for Deliberating about Violence

The following is a beginning collection of resources from the National Forums Institute news page that may be helpful to those who would like to deliberate about violence, and/or to frame violence-related issues. NIF is known for its careful, well-researched strategies for “naming and framing” issues in a balanced way that represents a variety of voices.

NIF-logoNaming and Framing Issues to Make Difficult Decisions

Naming and Framing Local Issues for Public Deliberation

From the National Issues Forums Institute (NIF)
Youth and Violence: Reducing the Threat

See also:

From the Mathews Center for Civic Life
Bullying: What Is It? How Do We Prevent It?

From the Teaching Deliberatively Workshop in Des Moines, Iowa
Bullying: How Should Schools Address This Growing Problem?

From the West Virginia Center for Civic Life
How can we build safe and strong neighborhoods in West Virginia?

From the Oklahoma Partnership for Public Deliberation
Intimate Partner Violence: What Can We Do?…

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