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These may have been around for a while, but I have just recently come across them and think they are some great, novel ideas. What have you found interesting out there?

Spotlight Hat, available at Lowe’s and numerous others in various designs.

Pull-out advertising on a ballpoint pen, available at and numerous other sites.

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Sam Allgood

Just came across this about the Google Mobile App for the iPhone:

The application detects the movement of the phone to your ear, and automatically goes into speech
recognition mode. It uses its microphone to listen to your voice, and decodes what you are saying by referencing not only its speech recognition database and algorithms, but also the correlation to the most frequent search terms in its search database. The phone uses GPS or cell-tower riangulation to detect its location, and uses that information as well. A search for “pizza” returns the result you most likely want: the name, location, and contact information for the three nearest pizza restaurants.