Galaxy Camera Coming to AT&T, New Malware steals in real time and more


Here are the top news and tech stories for 4 October, 2012.

  • This report from Gizmodo highlights a petrifying new malware – The Man in the Browser scam apparently just got real(time). The scam can now take your data and parse it in real-time to steal all of your monies (or something like that). Via Gizmodo, more here.
  • The wacky (potentially wonderful) Samsung Galaxy Camera is coming to AT&T first (and maybe last) – Samsung has been GREAT at delivering their entire range to every major US carrier, but apparently AT&T is the only one who bit on the Galaxy Camera. The device is a mix of a point and shoot camera, with at 3/4G capable Android device as the viewfinder. Instant 13MP Instagrams and other things will abound. As I am unsure as to who NEEDS this, it will be interesting to see who buys one. Via Droid-Life, more here.
  • Android application development growing at a faster pace than iOS – in a surprising turn of events, Android App development is growing at a faster pace than its counterpart. Now before you say “OMG Android won, w00t/l33t,” there are many mitigating reasons for this. The first, is that Android had fewer developers, has a less strict (read no) authorization policy, a reputation of users who will not pay for apps, and a ton of crapware. So there’s that. But the good is that good developers are now making dual platform the standard, they are using ads to drive revenues (it has sure worked for Rovio), and do awesome sales every few months on apps you want (and need). Via GigaOM, more here.
  • TomTom has a new app for Android, just $50…Well Android has Google Maps, which is the best mapping solution for mobile out there. Plus with the caching option, you can save 10 10 sqmi areas on your device. So when iOS is having mapping nightmares, why choose Android. Further troubling is the fact that Android users are notoriously cheap, so why $50? The only selling point I’ve seen is the ability to do offline mapping and points of interest (POIs), but at $50 and 1GB+ of data, is it worth it? Via Droid-Life, more here.
  • The Microsoft Surface (my next device purchase) looks to be available October 26th – Right now I have an Asus Transformer Prime with keyboard that I use as my mobile workstation. It is great…some of the time. WordPress is awful, among other capabilities and I am ready to jump into Microsoft Surface with two feet. When I heard the device would be available for $200, I was really excited, and hope they are able to make that, but I’ll be happy with anything under $400, who else is with me? Via PhoneArena, more here.
  • Google is continuing to re-align Motorola, at huge cost – Google is cutting down on the Motorola Mobility workforce by 20%, because how many employees does it really take to continuously tweak A SINGLE DEVICE and never release updates? No, please tell me. That said, some are wondering if Google might have jumped into Motorola without realizing what they doing. Via Phandroid, more here.
  • If you have $3,500 just absolutely burning a hole in your pocket, let’s play poker, or you can buy the ModBook Pro – This device is an awesome pen based OS X tablet, that has dominating graphics and a good weight ratio. Apparently interest was huge, so follow the links to drop $500 to reserve your right to order one (and do not worry, they will let you scale up the hardware until you are content). Via Ars Technica, more here.

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