Thanks to Mike Seccombe at the Vineyard Gazette Online I learned a new word.

Gerontocracy: government by old men.

As the children have grown and my wife and I have done a bit more traveling, I sometimes look in local papers for meetings that sound interesting. It does not matter where I go I find gerontocracy in action. I just didn’t know it had a name.

Now I do.

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Al Arnold

Well Henry, I tried to fix the broken link and the wikipedia link did the same to me. Thanks for pointing it out to me but I give up trying to fix it. Got other things to do. I do want to thank you for pointing it out!

Donna L. Quesinberry

Gerontocracy leads by a cane, but Cyberocracy is rapidly parsing the bend. Corporatocracy is running neck-n-neck with Timocracy. Theocracy, Noocracy, and Logocracy definitely own the back stretch with little hope to take the lead. And, Ethnocracy folks headed back to the starting gate looks like there’s some confusion with the jockey. Meritocracy didn’t get to qualify – that’s too bad because Meritocracy could have given Gerotoncracy and Cyberocracy a workout.

Andrea Schneider

this is confusing me. if you are interested, i have a group here called “who runs the show” which attempts to take a look at the continuum of generations involved in the use of Web 2.0 and understanding what each brings to the table.