Get On the Customer Service Bandwagon

I hope you’ve already been participating in the National Dialog on Government Websites, sponsored by the .Gov Reform Task Force and GSA. If not, it’s not too late. Tons of great ideas and comments and the opportunity to make your feelings known by voting (and you can do that anonymously). This is important, folks. Policy decisions are going to be made based on these comments, so jump right in. It’s open until Friday, September 30. Follow along on Twitter at #dotgov.

Then today, Govloop and RightNow Technologies published the Govloop Guide to Customer Service Excellence. It’s a compendium of ideas based on a symposium Govloop sponsored in August. Good stuff here, from colleagues and experts. The Govloop community is trying to make a difference.

We’re all getting on the customer service bandwagon, and that’s a good thing for citizens and government’s business partners. Check out these great opportunities to improve customer service for Americans.

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