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Last week the Washington Academy of Sciences Junior Academy made over 95 awards to scientists at Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring Maryland. Remarks from the presentation ceremony.

On behalf of the Washington Academy of Sciences, I would like to congratulate all the winners in the 2011 Montgomery Blair Poster Symposium. Good job!
Now I would like to share with you the funniest part of our celebration. Shortly after you get past, “Sure glad that’s over!” you may get to, “Okay, what’s next?”

Today you have demonstrated a new level of expertise, of knowledge, of ability to get things done.
You have a new level of accomplishment to work from. From now on your thinking, your speaking, your work will all benefit from what you built and shown today.
In golf, we say that good shots come from experience.

Where does experience come from?
Bad shots!
I hope what you learned building your demonstrations leads to things that are important and rewarding for you.
I hope you get to look back in a few years and think about how this project made you grow.

Because it has.
Thank you.

Dick Davies is Vice President, Junior Academy, for the Washington Academy of Sciences. Every year the Academy Judges Scholastic Science Fairs in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and suburban Maryland. If you are a member of the Washington Academy or our more than 60 affiliated societies, and would like to participate as a judge, please let me know. We need you! If you are an educator looking for professional scientists and technologists to judge your science fairs, we would be pleased to provide resources.

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