Getting from here to there: A guide to transit marketing

To help give transit a competitive advantage, EMBARQ released a report on transit marketing and branding. From Here to There is designed to help transit agencies achieve three goals:

  • Attract new users from private transportation modes, including automobiles
  • Retain existing public transport users
  • Secure political and financial support

The report offers sensible advice for agencies looking to expand their use of social media:

There’s a great chance that customers are talking about your service among their peers, on blogs, e-mail lists, social networks or other websites. These conversations offer invaluable insight into the perceptions and experiences of riders, insight that might otherwise cost you significant time and money to collect. Stay aware of the online conversation and opportunities it presents to collect feedback and promote service changes, improvements or extensions.

And a special note to Massachusetts residents: The section on online engagement has a photo of governor Deval Patrick as he learns how to use his mobile phone to access real-time transit information. Link to full story in EMBARQ. Download report (PDF).

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