Getting some traction!

It has been a good week for our Web 2.0 initiative. I was sitting in our department head meeting on Tuesday and the Chief Clerk (COO) started giving an example of the kind of communication that he would like to see more of, this being between people with similar jobs in different departments to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Particularly he referenced a discussion he had had with the kitchen manager at the prison about how she and the kitchen manager at the nursing home had gotten together to share deals from vendors. I was excited because I know this is the type of communication that can be fostered with Web 2.0 tools. Then yesterday my boss came to me with a problem posed at the management team meeting about getting good ideas from employees and facilitating discussion on ways to improve County operations. I was able to pull up the Share Point installation that we have been working on and demo the forum and wiki functions. It is nice when, every once in a while, you are just ahead of the next question! That was all that was needed; I now have the senior management support that I knew was going to be necessary to really make this go.

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Denise Hill

Wonderful to here. Please keep us posted on this evolution. Not everyone has an opportunity to demonstrate the functionality in quick fashion.