Good links for Social Media Policy/Best Practices

Here are a few links I like to send out when it comes to questions on how to use new/social media. There are many more resources out there, including some nice short videos on twitter and social networking. In fact, just thinking about it now, it would be nice to have a page of links that allows votes and comments for each resource, as well as anyone could add additional ones. While I’m not feeling that ambitious at the moment to go out and create such a page (perhaps one exists already) I have a few links from the DoD, Air Force, and UK Government Civil Servants that I find useful.

Here are a few links that I like on social media usage and recommend:

— Web 2.0 policy development on Intelink

— Also, the Web 2.0 guidance forum with many insightful commentaries

— Good commentary on OPSEC and a little bit more on good social media common sense

— AETC plans on using social media, comments add perspective

— UK government guidance for civil servants: a well thought out, yet simple way to communicate the culture of new media and best practices for responsible use

— This is a simple pamphlet style guide. Highly recommended reading!


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Andrew Krzmarzick

Hey Brock – thanks for the links and good suggestion. What do you think of the “Gov 2.0 Examples” and “Gov 2.0 Success Stories” on the wiki here on GovLoop as a resource? I didn’t check to see if your links are on there…if not, feel free to add…and to make suggestions for improving it as a resource.

Michael McCarthy, APR

These are some great links I have not seen before. I love the UK guide to social media, might make for a good pattern for our own internal guide in our organization.