Google at 15 years old. How do you celebrate your birthday?

Have you visited Google today? If you haven’t, I suggest you temporarily stop reading this blog post to visit the Google Doodle for today. I’ll wait patiently until you come back.

Thanks for coming back! So what’s the Doodle about? Google turned 15 years old today, and, in true Google fashion, they invited everyone to celebrate with a little game.

Beyond that, they also celebrated by offering users a glimpse of Google 15 years ago, which I think is pretty fun:

(Click on the image to see the nod to some search engines that are no longer with us. Do you think Google was simply unafraid of its competitors, or do you think they were simply more focused on sharing resources and knowledge back then?)

Having grown up in the Google age, there’s an interesting nostalgia that I get with that search page result. And it got me thinking, how do other organizations celebrate their “birthdays”? It’s a perfect opportunity to get some coverage about what your organization does. Does your organization leverage its digital properties to highlight the creation of the organization or milestones that have been achieved along the way? What’s the best digital celebration of your organization’s birthday?

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