Gorgeous new Engagement Streams document available free for your use

Ever wonder how Citizens Juries are different from Deliberative Polling? When you should use World Cafe, Open Space, or Charrettes? Or perhaps you have a good handle on dialogue and deliberation processes, but you need to introduce these options to a planning board or public official without overwhelming them too much?

Well, if you’re not already familiar with NCDD’s popular Engagement Streams framework, you’re in luck. Our creative director, Andy Fluke, just produced a gorgeous document outlining the Engagement Streams, and you are welcome to reproduce and distribute it as much as you’d like!

First developed in 2005, NCDD’s Engagement Streams Framework helps people navigate the range of dialogue and deliberation approaches available to them, and make design choices that best fit their circumstances and resources.

The framework presents two charts:

  1. The first chart, Engagement Streams, categorizes dialogue and deliberation approaches into four streams based on one’s primary intention or purpose (Exploration, Conflict Transformation, Decision Making, and Collaborative Action), and shows which of the most well-known methods have proven themselves especially effective in each streams.
  2. The second chart, Process Distinctions, goes into more detail about 22 dialogue and deliberation methods, and includes information such as group size, meeting type and how participants are selected.

The full 8-page Engagement Streams Framework (.pdf) should be printed in color on 8.5 x 11 paper. Download the doc at www.ncdd.org/files/NCDD2010_Engagement_Streams.pdf. And for more info and other versions of the streams (including an Excel version of the charts), visit the Engagement Streams resource page anytime at www.ncdd.org/streams.

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