GOV LOOP NFL POOL ends another season!

The Break Room’s NFL Pool has crowned another champion.

For the first time we have a come from behind victory and a repeat pool winner. Ian, who has been closing it up by winning two of the playoff rounds won this week as well by picking the Seahawks and 50 points. This allowed him to overtake Greg for this year’s victory.

The week’s summary is easy Ian, Tommy, Rick, and John strategically picked Seattle, cashing in on one of the great upset routs we have seen in some time. The season came down to the top four: Greg, Ian, Mike, and Colin who were all in position to win given certain circumstances. Ian alone chose Seattle assuming and hoping the other leaders would go with the popular odds, and, of course, that Seattle would win. It paid off for him and he got the tie-breaker as well.

Season totals: Ian 187 in first, Greg 184 2nd, Mike and Colin 181 tied for third, Mark 179 4th, Ed 178 5th, Noosh 177 6th, Tommy and Rick 176 tied for 7th, Bill 168 8th, Eddie and Jimmy 167 tied for 9th, Paul 166 10th, John 162 11th, Shawn 161 12th, Kathy 160 13th, Kat 115 14th, Bobby 102 15th, and Steph 29 16th.

The weekly winners were Ian 5 wins, Ed 3 (I see this did not help a great deal…), Bill 2, Mike 2, Colin 2, Greg 2, and Kathy, Eddie, Rick, Jimmy, Noosh, and Bobby. And if you are counting, there was a tie in there.

I awarded Ian his coveted water bottle and winner’s certificate. I want to thank you all for playing this season and hope to see you all again in September. I hope playing has been as much fun for you as it has been for me keeping score.

Have a great off season! Time to watch hockey and gear up for baseball!

Thanks for a great pool!


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