GovBytes: New App Protects Students

Students, faculty, and staff at the University of Maryland now have access to a new app for Android users, which connects them to a “direct and instantaneous line of communication to campus police and dispatch”. Users of the app are able to contact emergency services by pushing a single button.

The app uses the university’s wireless network and GPS technology to immediately contact field cars to assist users as fast as possible. This service can be used additionally as a virtual police escort service if students do not wish to walk alone at night. Because the beta test of the app was so successful, the school is launching the app in other platforms, such as iPhone, in the near future.

Students, would you use an app like this at your school? Parents, would you like your child to have access to an app like this on their campus?

App Lets University Students Send Video Instantly to Police


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James E. Evans, MISM, CSM

Yes. I can see the value. I wonder exactly what is instant “communication to campus police and dispatch.” @ 3am? This speaks to quality questions such as;

  1. Availability
  2. Staffing

But I do like it.