GovBytes: RFID and recycling. Who could ‘refuse’?

Okay, bad puns aside… This is pretty awesome!

Dayton, Ohio, is combining RFID technology with recycling in an attempt to bolster recycling efforts and reduce the amount of money the city expends on garbage at the landfill.The city has seen an increase in recycling participation by 40 percent, according to an article over at Government Technology.

The city spends nearly $2.6 million a year to pick up and dispose of trash — $38.25 per ton. Dayton currently recycles nearly 500 tons of refuse a month, and is looking to increase that amount to 1,000 tons monthly.

How is Dayton seeing such increases in recycling, and why is it utilizing RFID technology?

The city-issued recycling bins are equipped with an RFID tag that uniquely identifies the address to which the bin is associated. The city tracks those that have recycling bins on the curb every two weeks (the city’s pickup cycle). Those with bins on the curb are automatically entered into a monthly raffle where residents can win a cash prize.

What do you think of this? Could it help to eliminate costs in your city?

Tracking Tech Drives Dayton, Ohio’s Recycling Incentive Program


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