Government launches a book blog

Looking for a good read about the Civil War to take to the beach this summer? How about some facts and figures on Afghanistan and Pakistan? Or maybe a retelling of the history of the Metric system in the United States? (Okay, yes, that last one is a stretch.)

The Government Printing Office has launched Government BookTalk, a blog devoted to the thousands of publications, reports and manuals published by the federal government each year.

Sure, there are plenty of government blogs, but it’s rare to find one driven by one author allowed to let his creativity and personal
interests run wild. (If you want to see the alternative, check out: White House Blog and TSA Blog. Snore.)

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Dan Gephart

Actually, that Metric system book sounded good to me, until I found it it only traces the history into the 1960s. BookTalk is a great idea and well-executed. And it’s a great example of the great passion many federal employees have for their work.