GovLaunch: getting a makeover, coming offline, the Federal Government’s official job website, will scrap its current design and unveil a new look next month that is said to be more user-friendly. The new site is said to be modeled after many shopping websites. According to this article over at GovExec:

“USAJobs 3.0, designed to make the process smoother for potential hires and federal recruiters alike, will debut by Oct. 13. The new system is more user-friendly and follows common conventions found on retail websites, said John Allen, director of integrated hiring systems at OPM. For example, search engine capabilities will be more powerful and the tool bar to refine results will move to the left. Searches also will catch spelling errors, have a ‘quick-view’ pop-up option and provide context in the results, making it easier for users to narrow their focus, he said.”

Undoubtedly, these improvements will make the filtering and refining processes easier. The current site could be a little overwhelming, and sometimes, it could return too many results, or results that were too broad. has said that it will come offline for several days while it makes the switch.It has also offered up some advice to those wary about their uploaded documents on the current site.

“Wondering what’s going to happen to your uploaded documents in the current USAJOBS? During the USAJOBS transition, which is scheduled for October 6-12, 2011, nearly 5 billion rows of data (to include your documents) will be extracted, scanned for viruses, validated, and subjected to integrity testing before it is loaded into the new USAJOBS. To ensure your documents complete the transfer, USAJOBS recommends the following:

1) Ensure your current uploaded documents are not corrupt. Corrupt and/or contaminated documents that cannot be repaired or cleaned during the transition, will be quarantined and not imported into the new USAJOBS.

2) Establish three secret questions prior to the transition to ensure your current account and its associated documents can be linked once your identity is validated when logging into USAJOBS for the first time following the transition.

3) Ensure that you can still access the email account associated with your USAJOBS profile. Without the secret questions, seekers will need to establish a password for the new USJAOBS via that email account. Once the seeker’s identity is validated, the current account and any associated documents will be linked to the new profile.”

If you’re still interested in searching and applying for Federal jobs, GovLoop’s new site,, will remain online and populated with a selection of job listings.

Are you excited for the new What do you think of its current website?

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