GovLoop Member of the Week – Adriel Hampton

This is the full Twitter interview. These are the actual words used in real time, presented in the order in which they were used. There is a limit of 140 character spaces per message.

• Where are you from?
• Hmm. I was born in Modesto, home of Gary Condit, Cary Stayner … I think that list goes on. Seriously, love Modesto.
• What are the things that make you excited?
• Right now, Gov 2.0. I enjoy helping people, very involved in my church, job referrals, editing, giving bcs life is good
• If you could pick your perfect job, what would it be?
• Governmental affairs officer in the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo.
• That would be an awesome job! I know we’re on the same page about giving back to our communities, what is your current project?
• Presently I’m trying to get SF legislators to implement a bit of 2.0. Also helping some Dublin guys with a Citizen 2.0 site, blogging
• I really like the Dublin stuff ; the city projects , and About Dublin. What kind of resistance is there against 2.0 projects?
• I think it’s new things, esp. when budgets are in the tank. But do officials REALLY want citizen interaction? Not all of ’em, I think
• Quote from my City Manager:” Do all that stuff you’re talking about (web design,) Just leave out the comments and blogging stuff.” Ouch
• Yes, I think the real barrier for municipalities is that you empower the public, things get a bit messier. Execs sense that
• Are there any top officials or managers blogging in Dublin or SF?
• Not really that I know of. Well, one SF supe, but comments are disabled and it’s political. He goes after the mayor
• I also think a 2.0 problem is anonymous comments. I think that was a big problem with AOL, and will be HUGE for Gov 2.0
• Hey, you’ve made some choices (from your bio, very interesting,) in your life, what’s the one that worked out the best?
• Can I pick two? Want to say becoming a Christian, marrying my wife.
• God bless you both. Great answer. I skipped over anonymous comments. I think that might be our biggest hurdle. How to jump it?
• Well, I’ve given it a lot of thought and discussion. Intent and purpose. You need a good culture where user/owners steer in the open.
• Tough question for 140 characters! Agreed, openness is a center of gravity. Fun time: What is your favorite Wallace Stevens poem?
• Have to admit I’ve only read one collection. “The Man with the Blue Guitar” and “A Weak Mind in the Mountains” caught my attention
• Gosh I love that guy. Favorite green project?
• Have to say Better Place, bringing electric car networks to cities around the world. I’m big on sustainability, after Tokyo.
• Tokyo is nuts. Just plain. I pray every day for us to make progress with these passions and projects. Last one: What gives you hope?
• My faith, my family, my friends. Kids, especially my kids. Happy about Obama, too 🙂
• Thanks Adriel, I think you are just awesome. Shakers, doers, dreamers and workers like you make our country great. And very cool.
• You too, Mark, you too. Keep rockin’ Sitka! That’s a wrap.

Collaboration. Geeks. NASA. E Government, Defense, Greens, Agencies, schools; Young government leaders. Entry level folks figuring it all out and some people clearly working at a level that can only be described as amazing. 183 Groups, 3,700 members, (now) And Kiwis too!

Thank you for sharing your words and ideas; your pictures, videos, plans, dreams and accomplishments. I think that people like you, who go the extra mile, who do “just one more thing,” who give time to their communities and governments are just the kind of folks that you want working for your organization or your government. People who are passionate about what they do. Passionate about doing it well.

People who put the extra into extraordinary.


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Pam Broviak

I love the idea of a Twitter Interview, and you two did a terrific job of handling and presenting it! I certainly hope to see this catch on because it rocks on so many levels.


Oh boy, do I feel like I geezer. I still am not quite sure what Twitter is, and here you are doing interviews with it! Is this going to be a regular feature on your blog — a diff govloop member now and then? Even if you did it only monthly, that would be fun!