GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – AP Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision – Election Edition and Selected Week 10 Picks

Very interesting story in the Politico today; here’s what an Obama Administration might look like. We might see the Hokie Guru’s favorite bureaucrat, Robert Rubin, appointed as Treasury Secretary. The Hokie Guru’s Governor in Virginia, Tim Kaine, also has a shot to be Attorney General. Anyway, please check it out because many of us on this site will work with the next Administration. It would be good for you to know who will set the tone for your agency.

Please vote on November 4, 2008. It is your patriotic duty. We’re so lucky that we live in a democracy. I think most people know this because voter turnout is expected to be the highest in decades.

Let’s get right to it, GovLoopers… we have one of the best weekends of the year for college football… First, a major reminder (and the Hokie Guru is sure you’ve heard this multiple times, but)… please remember to turn your clocks back on Saturday night. You get that extra hour of sleep. Great news, right? It’s good news for the Hokie Guru because he will be watching college football literally all day (there are some great games on Saturday).

We have three awesome games this Saturday… let’s begin our pick-off…

1.) Northwestern at #20 Minnesota (yes, Minnesota)Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes. Also known as the Gopher State. The University of Minnesota Gophers had a 1-11 record last year. They are already bowl-eligible at 7-1 this year. This is clearly a remarkable turnaround. Why is Minnesota winning this year? It is #1 in turnover margin. The Hokie Guru can believe he is saying this, but the Gophers have a real shot to end the season with 11 victories. After Northwestern, the Gophers host rebuilding Michigan, play at struggling Wisconsion, and close the season at home with Iowa. Could the Gophers end the regular season in the Top 10? Time will tell. Minnesota beats Northwestern. And Norm Coleman may survive.

2.) #5 Florida at #8 Georgia – According to the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza (of The Fix, the most comprehensive political blog on the Internet), the Senate Race in Georgia could end up in a run-off. Similarly, the Hokie Guru expects both Florida and Georgia to “run off” their mouths with lots of trash-talking when they play each other in The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Last year, Mark Richt sent his entire team to the end zone to celebrate a touchdown. Coach Urban Meyer has issued a gauge order silencing all players on this team. Is Urban Meyer a hypocrite? Matt Hayes of the Sporting News thinks he is. Urban Meyer isn’t really known in coaching circles for his sportsmanship. This game is going to be a physical, violent war. The winner is the odds on favorite to take control in the SEC East and might have a shot at the national championship if Texas, Alabama, or Penn State slip up. The Hokie Guru thinks that Georgia’s offense is picking up at the right time, but where was it’s defense last week against LSU? Florida wins.

3.) #1 Texas at #6 Texas Tech – If you want offense, this game is going to be a shoot out. The Texas Tech and Texas offenses are ranked #2 and #9, respectively. This is the single most important football game in Texas Tech history. We have two Heisman Trophy candidates in Texas QB, Colt McCoy (80% completion rate… ridiculously good), and Texas Tech QB, Graham Harrell (3,147 passing yards… also ridiculously awesome). The Washington Post’s Michael Wilbon has a GREAT preview of the game. These teams are college basketball’s version of the UNLV Running Rebels (under former coach, Jerry Tarkanian)… fast break football. Texas wins in a game where there could be a total of 100 points or more.

That’s it… Happy Halloween!!

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