GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – AP Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision – Selected Week 6 Picks

Calgon, take me away?!?!

Fefe Dobson is one of the Hokie Guru’s favorites!!

Let’s get right to our sports coverage here on GovLoop because the Hokie Guru is addicted to that rush.

By the way, Billy Sheehan is, hands down, the best bass player on the face of the earth.

What an early week of college football. And I would love to talk about it!!

On Wednesday, October 1 (the beginning of the federal government fiscal year… some of us are lucky enough to have an appropriation… you can find the appropiation bills here), Boise State University defeated Louisiana Tech by a score of 38-3. Tonight, Brigham Young University (BYU) pounded Utah State University for its 15th straight win. It is the halfway point for these two mid-major Football Bowl Subdivision teams. It’s too early to say whether each team will be in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) final game, but both teams have a real shot to play in a BCS Bowl game, like the Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, or Orange Bowl. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Boise State or BYU in the final? Time will tell, but the Hokie Guru supports their chance at all the marbles… it’s good for football… play it out on the field.

The University of South Florida (USF), on the other hand, is a team that and is not quite ready to handle its success on a national stage. The USF Bulls must put this game behind them right way; they cannot have another midseason swoon. Having said that, Syracuse comes to Tampa next week and I expect the Bulls to win by at least 20 points. I think we will see an angry Bulls team next week.

It’s time for some medicine!! The Hokie Guru’s medicine!! A drumrolll, please (thanks, GovLoop… you’re better than Alex Van Halen)… our week six picks!!

1.) #14 The Ohio State University Buckeyes at #18 University of Wisconsin Badgers – OSU Buckeye QB, Terrelle Pryor, is the real deal. Wisconsin better get that Michigan game from last week out of its mind. It will be a crazy, crazy night in Madison. How does a pep band get suspended? The Hokie Guru realizes ANYTHING can happen in Madison. Go Badgers. The Hokie Guru thinks the Badgers are still reeling from last week (they have far too much talent to lose in the Big House) and Terrelle Pryor is a massive stud for the Buckeyes. Ohio State wins on the road.

2.) #6 Penn State University Nittany Lions at the Purdue University Boilermakers – Penn State is slipping under the radar… yes, the team is 5-0, but who have they played? Penn State still must play at Wisconsion, Ohio State, and Iowa… and they have Michigan, Indiana, and Michigan State at home (so the heart of their schedule is coming up). The Hokie Guru will give Penn State credit, though. They beat Oregon State; USC did not. A good team has to beat inferior teams and Penn State has done that thus far. On to the game at hand… is Penn State looking ahead to its big matchup with Ohio State? The answer is yes; Penn State will be upset on Saturday. The Nittany Lions will lose to the Boilermakers. Mama, Mama we’re all crazy now.

Surely, you can’t be serious? I am… and don’t call me Shirley.

3.) #4 University of Missouri Tigers at the University of Nebraska CornhuskersMissouri has not won in Nebraska in 30 years. That is a long, long time. This, however, is not the Missouri of old. Missouri has the second best total offense in the nation. Further, the Hokie Guru’s Virginia Tech Hokies scored 35 on the Huskers last week. At that time, the Hokies had the 112th ranked offense. What does that tell you? It tells me that the Missouri Tigers are going to score about 70 points and might have their third stringers in by half-time. Missouri wins by lots and lots of points.

4.) #23 University of Oregon Ducks at #9 University of Southern California (USC) Trojans – This game could get ugly in a hurry. The Hokie Guru thinks the Trojans will be in a foul mood when Oregon comes to town (let the Guru remind you again, the Trojans were upset by Oregon State). The poor Oregon Ducks. USC gets a big win!!

Ahh, summer is over!! Fall is here!!

Let’s get the football season on!!

And go round and round!!

No, Mike Tramp (White Lion), I can’t wait!!

Because I’ll be in heaven tonight!!

Have a great weekend. I’m going to do a midseason review next week. In the mean time, Go #20 Virginia Tech Hokies!! Beat the Western Kentucky University (WKU) Hilltoppers!!!

The WKU mascot is a towel!!

Like the Wild Turkey College Football Report said, bring a towel to the game. Nothing says lopsided Homecoming win like WKU, the school west of bourbon country!!

If you liked this column, let the Hokie Guru know… he’s calling on you!!

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That towel is awesome. Tough loss on Thursday for USF. I was at the game and they had plenty of opportunities to take control of the game. Excited about the OSU game and Oregon.