Govloop’s March Madness Contest, Hostile Territory at a Neutral Site, and a New Non-Smoking Rule

About 36 hours and March Madnes begins. Enter Govloop’s March Madness Bracket Contest… the link is right here. Ahh… so we see here that North Carolina and Duke are assigned to the same venue for the first weekend of the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament. They both open in Greensboro, NC.

Duke has become the Notre Dame of college basketball (the team that everyone loves to loathe). 2007 was the year that Govloop took a bet with the Hokie Guru on who would go farther in the tournament; Virginia Tech or Duke. Well, here’s your history lesson below, Govloop:

Duke was upset in the first round the 2007 NCAA tournament by Virignia Commonwealth… Forward Lance Thomas even admitted as much once, saying of his team’s 2007 first-round upset loss to Virginia Commonwealth: “I’ve never been that hated before.

Virginia Tech, on the other hand, beat Illinois:

As a result of the upset, the Hokie Guru won lunch from Govloop at Fuddruckers… bison burgers… boo-yah.

Speaking of the bison, North Dakota State University Bison are this year’s Cinderella 🙂

Sadly, Govloop and I can’t make a bet this year because the Virginia Tech Hokies are resigned to the National Invitational Tournament. And the Guru thinks this Duke team is much better than the 2007 team, so he would not bet on a 1st round exit by Duke.

But, the Hokie Guru digresses… this is going to be a NASTY environment for Duke. There might be 15,000 or more University of North Carolina Tar Heel fans that give the dookies the business for two days. A very, very hostile environment… and it will most likely pump up the Blue Devil players and their fans. The only parallel to this scene would be a football game at Lane Stadium on a Saturday night:

These Hokie fans actually jump around to Metallica’s Enter Sandman. This is what it will feel like for Duke when they play in Greensboro… the dookies will feel like an opponent going into Lane Standium… and if they win, it will be well-deserved indeed.

And now we change gears… guess what… no more smoking within 25 feet of federal buildings (the Hokie Guru, a non-smoker, supports this 100%). This came during the holiday season, so the Hokie Guru is sure that many people missed this important General Services Administration bulletin. Boo-yah again.

More commentary tomorrow… take care!!

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Denise Hill

Well, I can’t say much for March Madness. My alma…’s team had their last game last week. As for the 25ft smoking ban, as one that takes and holds long deep breaths and imagines my clothes retaining the smell of smoke as having smoke each time I speed walk the smokers gauntlet, I too missed the announcement. Wonder if there are covered areas to protect my friends that still smoke.

Heather Coleman

My husband followed Obama’s picks to the tee for one of his brackets. Alas, I had to go with my beloved Huskies for the win. Both times they won before they came out of the West…we’ll see.