GovLoop’s microlending team is up and running!

(Note: everything I discuss below is from me as a private individual, not representing anything connected to EPA, the federal government, or anyone else.)

[Update Feb 4, 2009: I’ve created a GovLoop group.]

A few days ago, I wrote about the power of microlending and suggested that maybe we could set up a lending team for GovLoop members.

Steve Ressler, GovLoop’s founder, liked the idea and asked me to suggest an entrepreneur to support for February.

Each month (or maybe sooner if the loans get filled earlier), we’ll choose a worthy group to recommend. If you want to lend to someone else, feel free, of course.

Just join kiva,org, then join the team, then lend some money, and the team will get credit.

It’s still your loan, your risk, and you getting repaid, but we can see what impact all GovLoop members have together.

When choosing this month’s enrepreneurs to recommend, I wanted a group loan that’s mutually guaranteed, one that still had some room left in it to lend, and something remotely connected to GovLoop. And I wanted a field partner with a very low default rate. I found a group of Cambodian women who want to set up a phone service (well, it’s communications, anyway!), working with a field partner who’s never had a defaulted loan on kiva:

Mrs. Thavin Than is the group leader of five, who all live in Ta Reab Doun Sar village in Kandal province. She is employed in a garment factory. Her husband, Mr. Keo Sophary, is employed in a casino club. Even though they try to work hard, they don’t earn enough income to support their household. In order to improve their living, Mrs. Thavin Than decided to ask for a loan to buy phone boxes to start a phone service provider.

Join us, suggest other worthy recipients, and share the joy of helping folks in poor areas lift themselves up!

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Adriel Hampton

I’m in. Thanks for setting this up, Jeffrey. I’ve been a fan of Kiva for years but have not got involved. I appreciate that inspiration and encouragement.