GSA Billing

So which is better, Centralized or Direct Bills when using GSA contracts? I get the impression that most agencies do NOT examine their GSA monthly invoices closely anyway so… Is it better to simply let GSA pay vendors the way it’s done with Centralized billing or should the vendor send bills directly to the customer agency for review, certification and transfer of payment (with the GSA overhead fees incuded) as with the Direct Billing option?
Any Billing geeks out there… weigh-in!

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Jessica Metzler

Billing is always a critical issue for every agency. I know a way you can create your own billing documents-i.e. creating reports,etc.

That’s why we created AutoTag Max, a complete desktop reporting solution. Reporting, document generation and mail merge don’t have to involve expensive software or complicated layout tools. You can use Microsoft Office to design reports and documents that convey critical business information in a visually impressive format.

Even better news: AutoTag Max users design reports, documents or dashboards in Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, and they can schedule and run reports from within Microsoft Office. That means you can turn over reporting to the business group and get back to more interesting work.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Check out this Microsoft Office reporting system for yourself.

William R Wright

Thanks for that fresh perspective Jessica. My agency is all-about reporting, that’s for sure…not sure if you’ve ever read any of our Blue Books? Our budget and expenditure management is currently based on Delphi (an externally hosted application) as well as MS Excel and Access. So by using those apps I pretty much can show our executives anything they want to see, including projections and out-year estimates. For records management, sharing and viewing we use Hummingbird DM5.
It really helps in our case to have a centralized IT and property management budgets that all fall under our Chief Administrative Officer….centralized budget translates to centralized management and reporting.
I’m not dismissing AutoTagMax but having never heard of it and being that I’m not the CAO, not really sure how I could acquire or put it to use in my work place. Can you relate some specifics as to how you use the product?