Happy Birthday to the World Wide Web

Dear World Wide Web,

Happy 25th Birthday. We’ve had some amazing years together and if it weren’t for you, we’d never have grown from being a baby organization to a full-fledged movement. You’ve hosted some of our best efforts.

From helping our 3000+ brigade members organize, to being the town hall for our government network, to helping us redeploy and redistribute our fellowship apps — you’ve helped us blossom from a bunch of earnest nerds in a sweaty basement, to a group that hands members jackets to Mayors and CIOs.

World wide web — you’ve made us cool by association, and we’re so grateful for your friendship.

If it weren’t for you, we might be distributing a paper zine and working in complete obscurity under the name “Type for America” or just “For America”. And while each of these are perfectly decent monickers, there’s something essential about that connection you bring that makes our work so much more meaningful.

When your father Tim Berners Lee first unveiled you, only a few early-adopters took note. Today, we’re not surfing you or driving on your information super highways, we’re a part of you, and you are the machine-readable manifestation of our hopes, dreams and in some cases, our well-archived follies.

So, Happy Birthday World Wide Web. We’ve had some good times indeed. Here’s to 25 more years of cats, camaraderie and code.


Code for America
P.S. – If our hearts had a topic cloud, you would be huge.

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