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Have You Ever Participated in Creating a Better World, One Couch At A Time?

I recollect being introduced to the interesting CouchSurfing Project at last spring’s DC Gov 2.0 Uncamp. I first heard of this hospitality network while watching a social media documentary that took viewers into a month in the life of a first time American couchsurfer visiting London. I was instantly fascinated by the concept.

CouchSurfing’s mission statement is to Participate in Creating a Better World, One Couch at a Time by:

  • internationally networking people and places
  • creating educational exchanges
  • raising collective consciousness
  • spreading tolerance
  • facilitating cultural understanding.

Creating a better world by simply surfing couches sounds simplistic. But to promote connections and cultural exchange worldwide, even one couch at a time, may eventually change how we relate to the world. Have you couchsurfed or know someone who has?

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Lindsay Scherr

I was once invited to a dinner with two couch surfers from London who were sleeping on my friend’s couch in Chicago. My friend went out of his way to invite a large group of people out for an authentic Chicago Pizza experience, and it was honestly really fun to meet people in such an original way. I believe they are still friends. It was memorable and a unique way to take advantage of some local hospitality.