Health care and social services: December 2011 recap and looking ahead at 2012

Deltek Analyst Stephen Moss reports.

After thousands of miles traveled, pounds of food consumed, and yards of wrapping paper destroyed, we made it to 2012. This year promises to offer a lot of excitement. Political junkies will have the presidential campaign; economists will have the global debt crisis; foreign policy enthusiasts will have the Middle East in great upheaval; and, of course, survivalists will have the Mayan prediction of the apocalypse. As for health care and social services aficionados – fear not – 2012 will be a great year for us as well.
As the prologue to our look ahead at 2012, here’s a recap of what the health care and social services team saw in December.
Parallel to previous months, our team did extensive research on states’ efforts to implement health insurance exchanges (HIXs). Most notable was an analyst perspective containing in-depth insight from our team’s exchange expert. We also added several HIX opportunities to our database. For example, Delaware confirmed future procurements for planning and design, development and implementation (DD&I) of the health benefit exchange Web portal and business functions. The state will also procure for a call center to support the exchange. Like many other states, Delaware will be soliciting for a medical assistance program eligibility engine (both planning and DD&I) to be seamlessly integrated with the HIX. To cap the project, the state will require an independent verification and validation (IV&V) contractor for the eligibility engine and HIX business functions.
Similarly, Massachusetts, on behalf of the New England States Consortium, released an RFP for an HIX and integrated eligibility systems integrator, with a future IV&V need identified. We also saw Iowa release a solicitation for the integrated eligibility project implementation and project director services. Additionally, Texas released an RFP for its integrated eligibility redesign system data center services.
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