How are you reaching your stakeholders?

The federal government, in looking to achieve fiscal efficiencies, has placed significant limitations on the abilities of government agencies to participate in or hold conferences.

Read the New York Times and Washington Post articles from 2012 about this activity, and the original Executive Order.

Just this week, there was an interview on Federal News Radio about a ‘match-up’ event where service contractors meet with government agencies about their needs. Because of budget constraints and new policies, government representatives have had to pull out of attending. This means the government cannot connect with service providers and much-needed services go unfulfilled.

Is this happening across all levels and agencies of government?

The National Association of Government Communicators is gathering information on how these cuts are impacting government’s ability to communicate with stakeholders.

Please take this brief 10-question survey on how your agency uses conferences as a means of stakeholder outreach and engagement, and networking.

Government agency employees only, please!

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