How is the DoDIIS Conference Going?

Several of the Crucial Point team, including RyanKamauff, BobGourley, AlexOlesker, have been at the DoDIIS Worldwide Conference, immersing ourselves in presentations, attending demos, visiting technology providers and integrators on the expo floor, and networking with people we admire and respect.

While here we have also been collecting video and photos of several key technologies. We have also been summarizing technologies of interest and have been posting summaries of hot technologies at . We know many were unable to attend DoDIIS this year, due to budget pressures and the increasing demands of ongoing operations. Our hope is that our summaries at will help keep those that could not attend informed of some of the hot capabilities from the event. Over the coming weeks we will continue to enhance the site with other publicly available information on DoDIIS technologies, and hope this will be a long term reference for those seeking to serve this mission. We also intend on this being a fast reference for anyone in government who seeks to start market research on hot technologies. is one of a family of properties we maintain on the web, joining, and as outlets for our research.

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