How to evaluate ERP Software for your Business?

ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning, which brings different work areas of your business at a common platform. At some point of a business does require such system that helps in documenting and collaborating your entire business. But how does one decide to go for which Software? With the options available in market from best of the vendors it becomes extremely difficult to narrow down for one.

Well to ease up this process you should have a strategic planning which will eventually help you out in deciding your ERP system.

Your Plan must include,

  1. What do want from the software- Your needs

The most important aspect, why do you require one – It becomes essential that you should be able to recognize the need for the system. One really can’t have it for the sake of having it. Your ERP software should be able overcome those bottlenecks of the system which are leading to errors, turning out to be time consuming & leading to losses.

Identify the areas for your business ERP system.

2. Team- Cross functional

Form a team with people belonging to different areas of your business e.g. Finance, HR, Technical Team heads, etc. Based on their requirements finalize that what should your personalized ERP system must have. Assign a dedicated person who will carry out the entire process. From its conception to final implementation, this team will be involved in the process of selection.

3. Easy to use

Ask for a free demo and see how user friendly the software is. The usability would decide its adaptability across your organization. Whether it’s a SAP based system or SAAS cloud System, the ease of use will help in getting acceptance. Also, make sure your IT department is familiar with the software and aware of its system requirements.

4. Long term association

ERP software is something, which is not changed frequently. Think about long-term association with the vendor. Make sure that you access your software thoroughly and pin point the areas, which you do not prefer. Get it eliminated from your system and then go for it. Always keep a scope of expansion in it. For e.g. if you are an organization consist of 500 employees and you grow to 1000 employees in next few years, make sure that your software is able address it.

5. Customer Services- Technical & On call support

A readily available customer support is something, which you must have. For software problems there should be a support center, which is available to you on call, and if required can also visit you to address the issue.

6. Cost

Cost plays an important role. Compare it across various vendors that have same thing to offer and then select. We don’t say that go for cheapest one but analyze that how much the same kind of system is worth and choose a vendor that is dependable and has good reputation in the market.

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