How will Virtualization and Cloud Computing Paradigm fit in the Federal Government IT initiatives ?

If the ‘Elastic Cloud’ is for real – as the proponents Amazon, IBM and Sun among many other vendors will want us to believe, how will the transparency and the regulatory constraints be handled and managed. Certification and authorization – how will that be defined in the cloud ? I hope to spark some thought-provoking discussion started with practitioners or early adopters of this technology in the various federal or state government agencies. I personally believe that this new scalable, flexible and disruptive technology will radically change the IT as we know it today over the coming years.

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Darryl Scott

Our company has begun to embrace virtualization to reduce our capital outlay, energy utilization and improve our redundancy more cost effectively. As the virtualized servers look and behave as physical service I don’t see the issue with certification and authentication. It is possible, very likely, I do not understand the specific question. However with respect to regulation, which I will relate to compliance, we see benefit in that the underlying platform and processes have to be configured/structured o the most stringent requirements. Insee this pulling slow movers/adopters to higher standards at a fraction of the cost.