How will you help to develop leaders in your agency?

Your legacy will depend in part on your ability to develop and nurture future leaders to sustain your goals and objectives. This important role, developing a cadre of future leaders, is frequently overlooked in government. It is worth your devoting time and effort to this endeavor.

In his report to the IBM Center, Ray Blunt describes roles that leaders can play in growing future public service leaders.

1. Growing leaders through personal example: As an exemplar.

2. Growing leaders through relationships: As a mentor.

3. Growing leaders through experiences or development programs: As a coach or teacher.

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Don Jacobson

Thanks for flagging this report for Ray Blunt for us. I consider it to be one of the very the best things published about leadership development in the public sector. It has actionable tips for senior leaders–who need to make time for growing the next generation of leaders. It also provides a great framework for agencies to use in designing their own leadership development programs. I know for certain that his paper had a significant impact on the work we have done at the State Department to enhance its leadership development efforts.

Best Regards,