“I Read the News Today oh, Boy”

While scanning the news this morning I was surprised by a couple of things that came across the screen. It left me kind of reflective as to how other people might view this time in America’s history. I am very curious how the lesson of 2008 will be told to my grandkids. In all honesty, I can’t begin to imagine. What will be included? What will be forgotten?

First thing this morning I saw more news on Sarah Palin. The cost of her clothes. There is a lot of controversy surrounding Palin right now, I am remaining unbiased here and simply stating that maybe there are valid issues to discuss here. And I can’t help but wonder where the price of her clothes will fit in to the grand scheme of things when all is said and done. I’m not even saying that what was spent on her clothes was right or wrong, I’m simply saying, at this point are there not more important things to be reporting on?

Speaking of important things, I then saw more Chicken Little reports. That’s right, that’s what I now call the reports on the stock market. The Chicken Little reports. I know first hand that there is indeed an economic crisis, and it is weighing heavily on me. BUT at the same time I am also well aware that telling everyone that the sky is falling is not responsible journalism, but “Chicken Little Reporting”.

From there the news cut straight to the most important news item for a Monday, what was number one at the box office! That spot went to Disney ‘s High School musical. Which in spite of the above mentioned “chicken little reports” brought in a cool $42 million. Second place? Saw V. $30.5 million.

So we have a VP candidate who supposedly spends $150,000 in clothes and make-up. Our economy is in such a constant state of crisis that everyone is waiting for the sky to fall. And we are able to spend close to $100 Million on watching skinny pretty people pretending to be high school students and sick psychopaths killing and torturing victims.

It’s kind of ironic that the next story I heard was how thousands of Latin-American immigrants, legal and illegal, are heading home. Mexico City’s municipal government has predicted that between 20,000 and 30,000 immigrants above the usual number will return from the U.S. in the next few months because they cannot find work.

That’s not really too many people when you consider the 12 million immigrants currently residing in the US, but it’s still an interesting point to ponder. Reverse immigration?

If someone 40 years from now saw the same news stories, what would they say?

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Emi Whittle

Interesting question. Indeed, hindsight is often different than the “current” view…. and even when we think we have the “big” picture, there is almost always a “bigger” picture in the distance….. My personal hope we be that we can use that knowledge to “let go” of the pettiness you so aptly point out. Yes, life, and particularly journalism today, is full of ironies. My professional hope is that we don’t ever lose sight of what we do have and what we can do as one of the best places on Earth, in my humble opinion, to live….

Sharon Tewksbury-Bloom

1 – I thought you were going to reflect on what I saw in the news yesterday… a picture of Barack Obama and the word assassination very close to it (in covering the story of the skinhead plot to assassinate him). That sent chills down my spine and has disconcerted me ever since. Surprisingly I had not pictured violence happening on election day (which says a lot for my youth and naivete) until I saw that article. It makes me want to get out and volunteer for Obama to put one more positive voice out in the crowd.

2. I lived in Arizona for the last two years and know someone who owns a landscaping business. They have already had to layoff a few Mexican immigrants (legal) who have decided to go back to Mexico to weather the storm there. As far as I heard, these men have saved their money wisely and will now go back to where they can live cheaply until the economic picture in the USA is stronger. Haven’t decided whether I think this is good or bad, up or down yet.


I like your terminology ‘Chicken little reports’, I agree. I sometimes feel like the ups and downs in the stock market are because of what is reported in the media, causing fear and paranoia when they could try and the opposite approach.