I/ITSEC….Any GovLoop Members going?

Logo_08 OK…so I get one day of rest to do laundry and then I head off to the Interservice and Industry, Training, Simulation and Education Conference (IITSEC). If you are not within the U.S. Dept of Defense sphere or its international partners, then let me hip you to this gig.

Imagine 15-20K people from all over the world who deal in training, simulation and education for various militaries. Now imagine an expo floor (pdf), kinda like COMDEX meets E3 meets an arms dealer. Now toss in a program full of ‘paper sessions’ with titles like: “Semantic Web Technology for Training to Meet a Changing Threat”, “CultureGear: Upacking How to Teach Generalizable Cross-cultural Skills”, or “Harnessing the Power of Social Networks Using Instructional Theory.” Now you start to see the parameters of IITSEC.

Now the other kicker to IISTEC is that if you are in this industry and dealing with U.S. DOD, then everyone in your work universe or their bosses, will also be here. We used to joke that you could get more done in a week at IITSEC than you could in a year back at the office.

I’ll try to cover what I can but if you look at the program and see something specific that you’d like me to scope out for you – let me know. And if you’re going to be in Orlando next week, we’ll see you there!

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