The opposite of love is indifference. At least with hate I’ve been noticed.
I was working at a large tech meeting, observing the different sales folk. The most successful ones, the ones creating interest, were scrambling to support the meeting, ostentatiously taking action to move the meeting forward. They had people inquiring about what else they could offer.
There was another group, “legends in their own minds,” either by virtue of their organization or their perception of themselves. They were standing back, smirking, judging, uncomfortable.
I asked one of the lurkers what he did to support his golf habit? “I’m with BIGCO,” he replied.
Last time I checked, BIGCO had over twenty offerings. I didn’t care enough to ask a second question. I had work to do.
I have occasionally ridden with the welcome pressure of great marketing, but it is fleeting at best. More often I have to do my heavy lifting without it.
Best to plan on supplying my own impact.

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