Infographic: 15 Ways Students Can Use Microsoft Office 365 Vs. Google Apps

Tony Tai (Redmond, WA) —

Whether you are a school’s tech decision-maker, an educator, a parent, or someone who values learning, you know students and care about their success. Successful students are excited about learning, are well-organized and make good use of their time. We prepared an infographic that shows how productive students can maximize learning and output with Office 365.

With Office 365 for education, a student can work productively from anywhere. He can print an assignment at home without worrying about formatting issues, and review a presentation on his way to school, even without Internet access. At school, he or she can jump right into learning, taking notes in all of their classes within a digital notebook. Group projects are a breeze, because the entire group can easily share information from their Office 365 desktops, brainstorm with an online whiteboard, and interact fast during video call discussions.

Tony Tai is part of the Office 365 team, and he regularly blogs for the Why Microsoft site. He last wrote for Publicyte about Office 365 for teachers. Download this article’s infographic here.

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Corey McCarren

I’ve never tried Office 365. It may offer more, but it seems to me like Google Apps are more popular in industry, and therefore worth knowing.