Information Security and Accessibility: Are the requirements at odds?

Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) accessibility aims to provide access and use of information by persons with disabilities. The purpose of information security is to limit access to people who have a need to know. But it can also limit access for people who need to know, but happen to have disabilities. People who are blind have trouble orienting a smart card to fit in a smart card reader. People with physical disabilities may not be able to provide required biometric information. There are both Section 504 (accommodation) and Section 508 (accessibility) issues with information security, but accessibility or accommodation requirements are often not included when acquiring EIT security solutions or security features for EIT technologies. Although the purposes of EIT accessibility and security may seem at odds, technical solutions that satisfy both requirements can be delivered. But if agencies aren’t asking vendors for EIT accessibility features vendors have no incentive to provide them.

This is another post from the Accessibility Forum 2.0 blog.

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