INSA Study on Cloud Computing in the Intelligence Community: Rollout 13 March 2012

Over the last year I’ve had the pleasure of serving with a team of volunteers from the Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) as we dove deep into topics associated with Cloud Computing and the Intelligence Community. National security technologists have long been thought leaders when it comes to adopting advanced technology to serve important missions and have long been leveraging the emerging benefits of cloud computing and mission focused applications like Big Data. Our study sought to learn lessons from these pioneers in the IC and we also sought to provide useful information to the government from our interactions with industry. Frankly this last piece was quite a challenge, since the technologists working this issue in government are very well plugged-in to the developments in industry in this cloud computing space. However, in the end, we believe we produce something that will help further the dialog on this interesting topic.

The paper was a collaboration, but a team of key leaders and subject matter experts rose to the top and are deserving of special note. One is Kevin Jackson, a highly regarded cloud computing thought leader, author, and industry executive with extensive experience in delivering world class solutions. Having the benefits of Kevin’s deep background in this topic gave us a firm footing in reality and ensured our conclusions were as relevant as possible. John Totah, a renowned technologist who has a proven capacity to understand any enterprise technology, led a team of professionals who interviewed industry thought leaders from around the country, ensuring our study was founded in what is now and what is known to be coming from the tech sector in this cloud computing domain. Maureen McGovern, a highly respected leader and enterprise strategist, led teams of interviewers who interfaced directly with the most senior leaders in the IC. Together with a large cadre of other INSA volunteers, the team produced a short document which offers food for thought we believe will be of use in and out of the Intelligence Community.

The paper is embargoed till 13 March 2012. When it is released we will review more of it here. Till I can post it I’ll just give you a teaser, the study considers 13 November 2006 a key date in shaping the IC’s use of technology. Where were you on that day? Why might this date hold such significance to our national security?

We will be holding a panel to discuss the release of the paper. We would love to see you there, at the National Press Club, over breakfast on the 13th.

Details are below:

The advent of cloud computing has changed the way government does business. It allows agency managers to harness the power of technology, while reducing operational and sustainment costs. Increasing efficiency has become a vital part of the mission in the defense and intelligence communities, and cloud is alleviating some of the pressure of budget reductions and cut-backs.

Join INSA and Government Executive on March 13 as we explore the impact that cloud computing has already had on our security communities and what lies ahead.

Speakers Include:

Senior Science Advisor to the Director;
National Security Agency

INSA Cyber Council Chair, Carnegie Mellon University;
Former Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence

INSA Cloud Task Force Chair, Founder & CTO, Crucial Point, LLC;
Former Chief Technology Officer, Defense Intelligence Agency

Moderated By:

Editor at Large,
Government Executive

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