Intelligently Adapt with CloudShield

As the high profile breaches and cyberattacks of this past year clearly illustrate, enterprise security still has to catch up to growing and evolving threats such as persistent targeted attacks by criminals and state-sponsored attacks or espionage. Though the government and private sector continue to take steps to protect their networks, unfortunately attackers also aren’t standing still and trends such as cloud computing, mobile computing, and the consumerization of IT are moving valuable data out of controlled internal networks. The amount of data enterprises work with and have to protect is increases exponentially while new attack vectors are constantly being developed. Seeing this growing challenge, three leaders in cybersecurity, Cloudshield, SAIC, and McAfee, have teamed up to provide a new security approach to protecting high value networks.

Dubbed “Intelligently Adapt,” the new strategy is a truly holistic approach to security, bringing together the leaders in hardware, software, and services for end-to-end data protection and threat mitigation. CloudShield‘s platforms provide carrier-class deep-packet inspection and scalable, flexible computing. Their CS-4000 is an open hardware and software environment that supports converged network infrastructures and provides lightning fast inspection of all parts of the data passing through it. On top of that, McAfee provides industry-leading malware detection and mitigation without needing prior knowledge of attack signatures or malicious payloads. With it’s Global Threat Intelligence, McAfee can not only detect current attacks but can also adapt top future threats. All of this is supported by SAIC’s Center of Excellence for Cybersecurity, providing security services, forensics, and analytics to monitor devices.
Together, the Intelligently Adapt solutions not only provide superior protection against today’s attacks and vulnerabilities, they also make your enterprise agile and flexible to respond to the threats of the future. They achieve this by increasing your awareness of what’s going on in your network while at the same time decreasing response time. Thanks to CloudShield’s platforms and its partners analytics, software, and support, enterprises can form their own flexible policies to intercept, analyze, re-route, and mitigate all forms of traffic in real-time while enabling advanced and efficient forensics in case something gets through. These solutions can be quickly integrated into your current security infrastructure and, because they provide an open environment, allow you to easily expand and customize your enterprise security applications and capabilities. Find out more about CloudShield and the Intelligently Adapt approach to security here, or on CloudShield’s website.

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