Interesting 911 Calls

The local newspapers in the Buffalo area all have a police blotter section of calls that people make to 911. Some of these calls are interesting. My favorites among the best of the calls highlighted in 2011 are:

  • An Amherst resident told police that she saw gold-colored aliens in the distance on Chestnut Ridge Road. She told officers that the aliens were sitting in a parked vehicle with red and yellow flashing lights.
  • A woman called police complaining that firefighters responding to a fire alarm in her house wouldn’t remove their boots.
  • A man called police because his wife’s car was blocking his in the driveway and she refused to move it.
  • A woman reported that her 16 year old child stole her credit card and used it to buy a car.
  • A 911 hang up call turned out to be a 5 year old trying to call the Easter Bunny.
  • A man said that as he exited his driveway, his neighbor , who was on a tractor gave him the finger.
  • A resident reported that someone keeps stuffing a hair weave into her vehicle’s muffler.
  • A resident reported that there was a suspicious man driving a lawnmower in her backyard. The woman’s husband had apparently hired a lawn service but had neglected to tell his wife.
  • A man reported that his girlfriend slept until 2 and hadn’t fed him.
  • A man wearing only his underwear was seen walking over a thruway bridge carrying a gas can.

Which one of these is your favorite? Happy New Year!

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Janina Rey Echols Harrison

Man who didn’t get fed. Someone’s mother made a woman’s nightmare out of her son. Don’t feed him girlfriend, run!

Carol Davison

My favorite is the suspicious lawn mower. Would he please come to my house along with a suspicious house cleaner and income tax preparer?

Janina I love your sense of humor. I understand why people stay with the lunkheads they married but not with the lunk heads they are merely living with.